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Dayton Tornado Relief - Donate a Bag

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Dayton, Ohio, was recently struck by a series of tornados and strong storms, bringing devastation to local families and businesses. And as proud Dayton natives, we are incredibly passionate about this community and the spirit within it. To help feed that spirit, Foffee is giving back and helping out in the recovery efforts with this limited edition fundraiser for those in need.

But unlike with our normal fundraisers where you buy a bag of coffee for yourself, your purchase will see one bag of "For Dayton" Gem City Roast coffee donated and delivered to Red Cross shelters across the region to help fuel the recovery. And not only that, but 100% of the profits will also go directly to those affected by the recent tragedy.

The Gem City Roast is a smooth blend of medium bodied coffee from Brazil and Guatemala.

  • 12oz, of ground or whole bean coffee
  • Choice of light, medium, or dark roast. 

Note that the purchases require the entry of your personal shipping address, but we'll make sure these bags go right to the shelters!  

Light, Medium or Dark Roast?
Ground or Whole Bean?