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Time Saving Features

Here at Foffee, we know that those who are fundraising are often strapped for time and resources. That's why we not only prepare a fully-integrated marketing campaign for each of our fundraisers, but we also provide partner organizations additional resources to make raising funds a breeze.

Door-to-Door Sales & Pick Up Nights are a thing of the past.

Yes, our campaigns can accommodate traditional door-to-door fundraisers. But Foffee also provides each of our partners with a personalized, mobile-optimized store on our website where backers can securely support your campaign from anywhere in the world... all you have to do is share it with the world. 

Shipping Info

Each bag of coffee or custom drinkware ordered by your backers is shipped directly to their doors, meaning your organization won't need to arrange for time-consuming pick-up nights or hand deliveries. Orders won't be fulfilled until the completion of the campaign, at which time campaign backers will receive shipping details.

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