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How It Works

Traditional fundraising methods require time and effort that many organizations simply don't have. They often feature goods and services that aren't necessities or have limited shelf lives. There are startup costs and fees. It can be hard to get out the word. And getting the products to your backers can be a pain. But here at Foffee, we asked...


There are four easy steps to the Foffee fundraising process, each designed to ease the pain points of traditional fundraising methods.
STEP 1: Instead of seasonal products or services, Foffee fundraisers are caffeinated by a staple product consumed by 86% of American adults and an online store where you can sell it.
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STEP 2: Not only does Foffee customize your coffee with your branding, we also provide a fully-integrated marketing campaign. All you have to do is hit send and post to social media!
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STEP 3: It's tough to make the time to sell and distribute your fundraising goods. Foffee's online store and direct shipping save your organization precious time and resources. 
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STEP 4: After your campaign ends and your coffee and drinkware has shipped to your backers, Foffee will deliver your organization 20% of the total sales total from your campaign! 
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Foffee fundraising campaigns also have absolutely zero fees or start-up costs! So what are you waiting for?  



Learn more about each of the service offerings available to fundraising partners by exploring each of the steps above. Have further questions? You can get in touch by contacting us here.

At the completion of your campaign, your organization will receive a check for 20% of your total sales. Use the chart above to see how much you could raise running a fundraiser with Foffee.
Need a leave behind for organization administrators or decision makers? Download the printable brochure below.
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