We've got something new brewing

We've got something new brewing


Foffee was originally launched back in April of 2019 with the goal of fixing the fundraising game. 

Traditional fundraisers sold seasonal or superfluous items, so we focused on selling a staple product that is consumed all year long. Normal campaigns require door-to-door sales and time-consuming delivery or pick-up nights, so we offered a webstore and drop shipping. Our competitors leave you to spread the word on your own, so we provided social and email sharing tools.

And for nearly three years, the Foffee formula has proven successful at raising funds for organizations across the country.

But just because it's been working, that doesn't mean we're just sitting back and sipping our home brew. 

Those familiar with foffee.org will have noticed we've given the site a major visual overhaul the last few weeks. Our new look aims to not only deliver a warmer ambience and coffeehouse feel, but we also hope the redesign makes it easier to navigate the site and more efficiently guide fundraisers through the campaign set-up process. 

A screenshot of the newly redesigned Foffee.org homepage.

The changes we're making are more than just cosmetic, though. And to do that, we focused again on our original goal: to fix the fundraising game.

In the near future, the Foffee team will unveil a brand new Fundraiser Dashboard for every campaign. Under development for the last year, a campaign organizer can use their unique Fundraiser Dashboard to get a live view of their fundraiser, including current sales figures, campaign progress bar, leading sellers, and sharing tools. You can even download an up-to-date progress report!

With the new Fundraiser Dashboard, gone are the days of wondering where a current campaign stands. With a more complete picture of the fundraiser, organizers can decide how much more or less effort will be needed to reach their campaign target.

Be sure to ask your Foffee campaign specialist how you can take advantage of our ever-evolving slate of tools to help you caffeinate your cause!

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